My injury

My injury is a tramatic brain injury(t.b.i.)One of my theropists explained it in a way that I could really understand it for the first time.Thanks Cara.I will look at something lets say a door.It will be open,my eyes see that and send a message to the brain.First my brain desides it’s a door but also that its open.So there is like a road between my eyes and brain.Now that road is filled with potholes and can`t be repaired so I have to find another road.Not just with my eyes but legs arms, hands,everything.So as you can see it’s a monumetal task but I am determined and I will get the best of this that is to say I will relearn everything.I will be even better than before my accident.I will post updates,right now I`m walking with a cain and sometimes nothing depending how my balance feels,one thing I have leaned is to be safe.